Always up for the challenge

Valsamis Inc. is a Project Management Company that has been
established on the experience gained over the years within the cruise
line industry

About Us

Valsamis Inc. is a project management company that has been established on the experience gained over the years within the Cruise Line Industry. We undertake projects and deliver turnkey project management solutions for every repair or maintenance needed on Cruise ships. The services provided for our customers, include a free inspection and planning. A full analysis of the project is crucial in order to be time effective and reliable. Our primary concern and aim is the detailed organization and implementation of all the operations on board the vessels.


Our goal is to assist and lead our customers in identifying their facility maintenance needs. We provide a service excellence with a personal touch by developing and implementing maintenance solutions that enhance the facilities of our clients. We are committed to the well-being of our community.


We strive towards becoming your main choice by building up a group of satisfied and loyal customers throughout the world. We measure our success by company growth and the retention of customers.


Valsamis Inc. teams are able to perform quality repairs of any kind on vessels. Current workforce exceeds 200 employees and associates worldwide. Our teams consist of talented and experienced personnel of various professions such as Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Principal Project Managers, Chief Engineers, Certified Welders, Fitters, Certified Pipe Specialists, Insulation Experts, Hydraulic Engineers, Refrigeration Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanics. All of the teams are highly proficient and have years of experience in the Maritime Industry.

Our Values

By working closely with our valued clients and understanding their specific needs, we are able to deliver high quality solutions, which are both time and cost effective. In collaboration with our clients, we find ingenious solutions and easily adapt, even to the most challenging of projects. Therefore, inspection teams are always ready to respond and attend to the problems of our client's vessels.

Our Premises

Headquarters are located in Houston, TX. They include a 50,000 square feet warehouse, a storage unit and a workshop, which is fully equipped with the latest machinery and experienced workers, in order to transform, work and fashion all types of metals and materials.



Valsamis team has a team of Engineers ready to design and evaluate the project before the execution, improving the quality of the work, reduce risks as well as costs.


Our worldwide team of engineers is highly qualified to overtake any project assigned, assuring the best results and customer satisfaction.


Our manufacturing workshop is implemented with the best machinery and tools. Our skilled team works with the best equipment to provide the best product to be delivered shortly where needed.

Repair and Maintenance

we provide our clients with customized turnkey maintenance plans, installations and equipment service as well as consulting and training services. Our squads are able to perform any quality repairs on board of the vessels, our present workforce exceeds 200 permanent and associates worldwide.

Added Value

As a compliment of our services we offer an outstanding Logistics service around the world without restrictions. Also we work with many certified and trusting Outsourcing companies which have been our partners for many years and ensure the quality of our final product.


Valsamis global network of qualified and experienced engineers have the keen eye to detect technical, condition and operational anomalies as they determine an asset's true value based on actual condition.


HVAC Systems

Our specialty is HVAC Systems. We can manage the design and installation of the HVAC systems on the vessel. We design and install ducts, cable trunking and we make full unit replacements on vessels.